Our Company

Swan Land and Cattle Co. is a family owned farming and ranching company based in Wyoming with operations in both Wyoming and Iowa.  Our company produces premium beef and grains through innovative and forward thinking agricultural practices.  The animals and crops we bring to market provide top quality and superior value for our customers.

Our beef operation focuses on producing full-blood Wagyu cattle.  Through modern breeding and management techniques the genetics of our animals are constantly being refined and developed to ensure excellent quality.  The beef we produce lives up to the standards that have made the Wagyu breed famous around the world.

We apply the same level of attention given to our Wyoming ranching operation to the farming techniques we use on our Iowa farms thus ensuring that all of the crops we produce are of the highest quality.  Our Iowa farming operation is entirely certified organic and utilizes the most modern organic farming methods to ensure bountiful harvests without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

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