The Legacy

Swan Land and Cattle Co. is a name with deep roots in the history of Wyoming and the

American West.  In 1873 Alexander Swan, a Pennsylvania businessman, moved to Wyoming

and began establishing one of the largest ranching empires in American history known as

Swan Land and Cattle Company, Ltd.  At its hight in the early 1880's, Swan Land and

Cattle Co. controlled over one million acres in eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska and

ran over 110,000 head of cattle.  Throughout its years of operation, Swan Land and Cattle Co.

played a key role in many legendary episodes of the Wild West including the famous

Johnson County War and the life of Tom Horn, the gunman who became the last person to

be hanged in the state of Wyoming.

The original Swan Land and Cattle Co. ceased operations around 1945.  The name was then acquired and held by a Wyoming resident who appreciated its historical significance.  Swan Land and Cattle Company, LLC has now been re-established as a modern ranching operation.

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