Our ranching operation is located in the beautiful Laramie Valley of Wyoming where we

run full-blood Wagyu (Japanese Black) cattle. We also raise Wagyu/Angus (F1) crosses.

Our ranch is made up of a network of pastures and lush hay meadows irrigated during

the spring and summer months by the melting snows of the nearby Snowy Range


Our full-blood Wagyu cattle descend directly from the few Wagyu animals imported from

Japan over the last several decades.  The Wagyu cattle raised on our ranch have been

specially bred for sufficient genetic diversity without interbreeding the full-blood Wagyu

lines with non-Wagyu cattle.  The result is an animal with the same genetic and breed

characteristics as those Wagyu raised in Japan.

Our cattle are provided the highest quality feed to promote animal health and beef quality.  Our cattle are fed a 100% vegetarian diet of grass, grains, high protein forages, minerals and other nutrients specially designed to produce finely marbled premium beef of the highest quality.  We work closely with cattle nutritionist Dr. Jimmy Horner to ensure that our feed meets the unique dietary needs of Wagyu cattle.  Dr. Horner is the foremost Wagyu expert in the United States with decades of Wagyu experience in both the United States and Japan.  Visit for additional information on Dr. Horner.

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